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Apartment Complex Signage Pressure Washing in Decatur, Georgia

Many multi-family property managers across the Atlanta area and North Georgia region understand the importance of regular pressure washing for multi-unit properties, but one important thing that too often gets overlooked is the importance of maintaining clean and inviting looking community signage.

Apartment Complex Signage Pressure Washing Really Makes a Difference

The amount of sunlight and moisture from rain and sprinkler systems that was hitting this apartment complex’s sign in Decatur, Georgia was causing algae growth to spread across it, which is especially noticeable on the white areas of the sign. The community management knew had something to be done to reclaim the fresh, clean look of their signage. Eco Worx Commercial Services was contacted and an appointment to have the apartment complex signage was set.

On the day of apartment complex signage cleaning, the property management team was so impressed with the results, they also set up another appointment for multi-unit building exterior washing. If your apartment, condo or townhome community is in need of pressure washing services in the Atlanta area, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the multi-family property pressure washing professionals at Eco Worx Commercial services today for a FREE quote and consultation.